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What we offer.


Multiple Accounts

Our system allows for multiple accounts all on the same domain.



Our security and policy ensures your emails are safe from online intrusion and they are safe from us, we cannot access your emails or see your passwords. 



Our prices start at £5 a user and only £3 a user after that. Our email system works on Gmail and the native Mail app on iPhone.

Email Hosting

For small or large businesses, bring a level of professionalism to your firm with a custom email.

First impressions matter, get them right from the start and secure your customer.

1. Build Trust and Credibility

When you brand has a trustworthy email, you look legit, customers are much likely going to go to pick contact@ampliobranding.com rather than ampliobusinessweb@gmail.com

2. Communicate Your Business

Let customers know who you are, they aren't messaging a person but a business.

3. Choice

Its in your hands, you pick your domain and your prefix. 

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What works for you?


a month.

Our prices start at £5 a month, to add a new user its just an extra £3 per month, contact us now to see if we can get you a special annual discount.