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What Websites Bring.
Why Get A Website?

1. Credibility

Your brand needs a website to build a reputation and credibility. Without a website, many potential customers, may just turn away and go to competitors, simply cause of a lack of information. A website puts a digital face to the business, where they can get all the info they need.

Credability | Web Development | SEO | Oldham | Uppermill
Organic Traffic | Web Development | SEO | Oldham | Uppermill

2. Organic Traffic

Once your online and setup, Amplios SEO will show your business' website to show up high in Google search results, meaning when someone searches generally for your product or service. You will be recommended and appear. Meaning a whole new group of custom.

3. Leads

The best thing about websites are the potential to get more leads, once people discover your online, they will be intrigued and search through your site eventually turning these leads into customers or clients. With the right site, your website cost will bring out a positive ROI.

Leads  | Web Development | SEO | Oldham | Uppermill
Customer Service | Web Development | SEO | Oldham | Uppermill

4. Customer Service

Running a day to day business can be very busy and many businesses get calls from prospects or existing customers asking simple questions. If you miss one of these calls you can leave a customer unhappy, or lose a potential one. A website can reduce these calls and increase internal productivity (save time).

Digital Marketing  | Web Development | SEO | Oldham | Uppermill

5. Digital Marketing

if you plan on leveraging Digital Marketing in the future (which you should) to grow your business and increase leads. You will want to drive traffic to a hub of information commonly known as a website. This is the best place to get a positive ROI from your AD spend.

Web Design & Development

There are over 400,000 searches taking place online every second. That is a lot of potential exposure for your business. This is especially true considering that 97% of consumers search for businesses and services online.  So why not get your website up and running now!

How we work.
The Process

1. Pick Your Plan

Browse our pricing plans below and see which one suits your business best. if you're unsure you can get in touch and one of our agents can advise you on what suits you.

2. Get In Touch.

Once you know what website you would like, you can get in touch with one of our agents on our contact form or alternatively email us at

3. Let's Talk!

When you're ready, we can get talking, you will be placed with one of our web designers, who can Listen to your ideas and advise what designs will look best, so we can get a strong idea about what your wants and needs are for your site. We will set a final price and discuss if we recommend a maintenance plan or not.

4. Design and Development.

This is where we get busy. Depending on the size of your site, our developer will give you an estimate on how long it will take to get the first prototype done, after completed we will go back and fourth to decide what works and what needs changing. 

5. Hosting and Domains.

After the design and development of your website is completed. We will connect your current domain or find you a new appropriate one.  We will also setup payment for the annual hosting fee.

6. Search Engine Optimisation.

SEO is crucial to every site so this is when AMPLIO works there magic and scour your site adding all relevant MetaData & Meta Tags to optimise your search engine capabilities. This ensures your website is seen and is top of the search results.

7. Testing.

Quality is what we ensure, so one of our last quality checks is testing. This includes security, functionality,  interface, stress, SPAG, compatibility, payments, account creation and legal compliance tests.

8. Payment.

We have now completed the process of your website design and payment is next, your 1 to 1 agent who has been with you through the entire process will send an invoice and setup a recurring payment plan for maintenance if needed.

What works for you?

All website plans require hosting which start from £10 a month or £80 a year.

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